In horse-racing, state of health and optimal training
of the horse are key success factors for the commercial success of a racing stable

enhorse, a product of TRACER systems


is the new generation training management system
for race horses supporting you both in monitoring the actual state of health and in optimizing the
training of race horses



     status quo in training and horse-racing...
     at the moment, there are several training devices
     on the market to support in training of horses
     most of them gain data from horses 
     by pulse measurements and blood lactate tests

a new generation is born


the first training management system

using HRV technologies for professional horse-racing,

equestrian sports and health purposes


a registered trademark of TRACER systems
heart rate variability - from Wang Shu He to modern HRV
already in the third century AD, a Chinese doctor   
recognized, that a variable heart beat
is a sign of good health:
"if the heartbeat gets as regular as the knocking of
the woodpecker or the dripping of rain on the roof,
the patient will die within 4 days"


the fitness and health indicator 





the heart rate variability is the variation in time
intervals between consecutive heartbeats
the higher the variation - the better
the organism is working
so HRV is a precise indicator of the individual
recovering and fitness level
is now ready for you


from human to horse

training methods based on the ancient knowledge are already well established in human high-performance sports
as a  highly modern and specifically built training
management system, enhorse is tracing, analysing
and displaying physiological data of race horses for the purpose of training optimization and disease prevention
it`s as easy as that









place the belt - collect data - remove the belt - enter the training app - find the actual fitness status


the advantage

- find the optimal training intensity in a given time frame
- tune the training intensity and regeneration
- minimize the risk of injury by overtraining
- monitor the stress level
- document the performance improvement
- learn from training recordings
- improve your stable management
the measuring is non-invasive and of no harm
for the horse
it is taken, when the horse is at rest

find your daily training recommendation

on the 


exactly calculated by approved methods
based on the actually measured health and fitness data 

the ambition



                     optimize horse training

         to reach the best performance

                                  at the right time