Enhorse overview

enhorse represents a new generation in horse training. enhorse is using the heart rate variability for calculations. HRV is a precise indicator of how well an individual is recovering and gives convincing information on its fitness and recovery level. Already well established in human high-performance sports, HRV analysis is now available for professional horse training purposes for the first time. The development is based on 4 years of intensive research and on more than 1.5 million data records of many horses worldwide.



How does enhorse work?

enhorse is recording a high-resolution ECG while the horse is at rest. The raw data is sent to the enhorse servers via mobile or Bluetooth communication and the heart rate variability (HRV) is calculated. Based on the HRV data the actual recovery level of the horse, compared to historical data of the same horse, is calculated. The combination of heart rate and respiratory frequency is used to calculate the stress level. Based on recovery and stress the maximum training intensity recommendation is calculated. The results are displayed in your personal frontend and form the basis for an ideal training schedule.



The benefits

  • To find the optimal training intensity in a given time frame
  • To tune the training intensity
  • To avoid over- or undertraining
  • To minimize the risk of injury by overtraining
  • To monitor the stress level and heart rate
  • To document the performance improvement
  • Clear display of the recovery, stress and pulse rate
  • Input of training activities and intensities for documentation purposes (optional)
  • User-friendly apps (available 24/7 on PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Goal: maximum performance at the right time

Der technische Hintergrund

  • 2 versions for mobile communication (Europe: frequency: 900 – 1800 Mhz), (USA/Canada frequency: 850 – 1900 Mhz
  • Recorded data: electrocardiogram (ECG), respiratory rate, position, GPS, air pressure, temperature
  • Battery-operated (2 rechargeable batteries), batteries are charged off the device
  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 11,5 cm x 4,2 cm
  • Weight: 850 grams incl. batteries


  • 2 stainless steel electrodes, which are connected to the sensor are recording a high-resolution ECG of the horse
  • Data is transferred via mobile or Bluetooth communication to the enhorse Servers
  • Data is stored and processed (calculation of HRV, recovery, stress, pulse rate) on the enhorse Servers
  • The results can be accessed in your personal fronted by PC, tablet or Smartphone


  • highest security standards while data Transmission
  • personal frontend access (secured by password)
  • clear and user-friendly apps
  • chat function for support issues

Using the enhorse system



1. Preparing the sensor.

2. Switching on the sensor by pushing the button.

3. Point the display in the direction of the horse's head.


4. Put the girth around the horse's chest.

5. Lock the girth. Measurements start automatically.

6. Remove the girth after the measurement. Data is transmitted automatically.

7. The results are displayed in your personal frontend-account (PC, smartphone, tablet).


Areas of use and sports

Areas of use Sports
Performance improvement
Breeding and genetics
Veterinary medicine
Eventing / Show jumping
Distance riding