About us


Back in the year 2014 Heinrich Eichenauer and Nikolaus Klepp had the idea to utilize heart rate variability in horse sports. Using kow-how from human medicine and top sport, appropriate Telecom- and IT-experience and deep knowledge about the heart of a horse the Project came to reality step by step. The first measureable results were achieved after one year already. As of today four hard years of intensive development work stand behind enhorse. More than one Million of data records of more than 1000 horses were analyzed and used for product development. By the beginning of 2017 the market entry happened and the attraction of the equestrian sports industry - especially for gallop-horses was and is enormous.
During the first financial year more than 100 customers in Sweden, Ireland, UK and Austria could be acquired.





Heinrich Eichenauer

Founder & CEO

As one of the two founders of enhorse Heinrich Eichenauer is in the company since the beginning. As of today he is directing the daily business of his company with enthusiasm and passion. The desire to create an innovative product and bringing it to the market motivates him every day. Originally he is not related to equestrian sport. He held different management positions in the industry and primarily worked in the areas of development, IT and organisation. The passionate hobby photographer likes to spend his spare time with his family and his lovely grandchild.



Heinz Eichenauer

Product Development, Sales and Customer Support


Even if enhorse is not a pure family business, Heinz Eichenauer, son of the founder Heinrich Eichenauer, is truly working for enhorse with his heart and soul. His range of tasks within the company are quite extensive: product and hardware development, system support, technical support for sales, second level customer support and production. His passion for enhorse, the team and the product is unlimited. Even in his spare time he likes to forge out workplans.



Peter Bankuti

Veterinarian and Customer Care

Peter Bankuti is a veterinarian with heart and soul and his passion are horses. Within the enhorse team he is responsible for customer care and horse data analysis. Peter constantly comes up with new ideas to improve the enhorse device and applications. In rare cases Peter is not dealing with horses, even in his spare time. If so he is taking photographs and enjoys the Styrian landscape.



Michael Trappitsch

Head of Software Development


Michael Trappitsch is working for and with enhorse founder Heinrich Eichenauer since 2008. Together they have already conceived and implemented a lot of different projects. At enhorse he is responsible for software development. According to his own words the development of enhorse will never get boring as there are new wishes and ideas for further improvements all the time. His goal is to push the product to the next level. As diversified as his tasks at work is Michaels free time: He likes to spend time with his family, plays badminton, goes skiing, watches movies and loves to play pen and paper role playing games.



Roland Lakatos

Software Developer

Roland Lakatos is working for enhorse from the beginning as a Software developer. He is responsible for the design and functionality of the frontend application. He has already been working as a programmer for many years before his employment with enhorse. As a result he has a lot of experience with different software projects. He likes his job because „We are doing something new every single day". Roland is not only a successful programmer, but also a successful distance runner.



Marc Pinter

Assistant to Management and Administration

Marc Pinter is working for enhorse since September 2016. He is responsible for travel arrangements, marketing, documentations, and administration. Before enhorse he was working in different sales positions in hotels in Europe and Asia. He loves enhorse because of the motivated team which is working on the device. This is his motivation. His hobbies are hiking, motorcycling and snowboarding.



Mario Huber


Mario is not only a passionate salesman, he has been active in equestrian sports for a long time. He is a horse owner and a horse trainer. Mario Huber knows as well how to train with heart rate variability because he used to be a professional athlete at a younger age. During his active career and the years after he has dealt intensively with the topic of optimal training. All this makes him the perfect candidate to successfully introduce the enhorse device onto the market and directly to the customers.